Board Certified Education Advocate - BCEA™ TRAINING Available via National Webinar


 Available for 30 days after each scheduled launch.

Take on-demand webinars at your own pace and at your convenience.

Our on-demand webinars now offer busy parents and professionals an opportunity to cultivate their educational advocacy knowledge and skills whenever it fits their schedule!

On-demand Webinars allow participants to view and re-review material for up to 30 days, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

No longer do you need to worry about travel, time zones, work schedules, and other scheduling complications.

Access the highest quality training material and expertise at your convenience.

Take your Advocacy skills to the next level with just 12 on-demand webinars.

Take your Advocacy skills to the next level in just 12 courses.


The National Special Education Advocacy Institute, NSEAI, has been offering  BCEA™ trainings since 2008. They offered the first and the only national Board Certified Education Advocate program. This nationally recognized program is available for the benefit of parents & leaders in the education advocacy field, such as yourself. 



Attendees include:

Prof. Advocates    Educators      Lawyers               Parents              Psychologists           Lay Advocates 

S/L Therapists       Social Workers             Counselors            BCBAs                School Nurses    Principals

Agency Staff       Family Members            Physicians            SE Directors        Policy Makers              OTs


Do not miss this opportunity.
Professional advocates and knowledgeable lay advocates and parents are needed in elementary, secondary, post-secondary, community, and employment settings.  Improve your expertise within the special education advocacy field, especially now that 11-17% of children born today have IEPs for some form of learning or developmental disability, and with rising numbers effected by autism (1 in 68 children).  Our faculty and nationally recognized experts in education, clinical evaluations and legal panels have brought our students the latest research and information on advocacy programing.
Coursework is focused on an Education Advocacy Practice Act and national special education standards.  Course work prepares an advocate for the profession of education advocacy.  NSEAI training provides a collaborative atmosphere with a unique cross training curriculum.  Training is focused on unique skill sets needed for:
              ● Parents to advocate for their own children
              ● Professional educational advocates to meet the national standard of quality within their profession, and
              ● Lawyers to understand parental educational concerns and school based documentation issues
              ● Educators to improve their outcomes.
With a child focused approach, you to will learn to think strategically and become a community resource about:
IDEA Issues                    
IEP Development Practices & New Standards             
Educational and Related Service Evaluations                        
Assistive Technologies      
Research Based Methodologies and Programing         
Generalization of Skills Across Environments           
Educational Assessments  
Progress & Functional Performance Monitoring
Behavior Management Best Practices




100       09/29/18       Special Education Process                          100-WEBINAR             $195.00              


200       10/13/18       Advocacy Techniques & Practices              200-WEBINAR            $195.00   

300       10/27/18       Proactive IEP Preparation                           300-WEBINAR            $195.00                          

400       11/10/18       Evaluations I: Academic & Cognitive         400-WEBINAR            $195.00                                     

500       11/17/18       Evaluations II: Related Services                 500-WEBINAR            $195.00                                             

600       12/01/18      Research Based Interventions                     600-WEBINAR            $195.00                                               

                ***** Mid-Term Break and Assignment *****

May apply at this point for Board Certification and then finish practicum and courses

700       01/19/19       Transition Planning & Outcomes                 700-WEBINAR            $195.00                                          

800       02/02/19       Extended School Year                                   800-WEBINAR            $195.00                                           

900       02/16/19       Special Education Issues                              900-WEBINAR            $195.00                                           

1000     03/02/19       Behavioral Issues & Management              1000-WEBINAR            $195.00                                       

1100     03/16/19       Disability Case Management                       1100-WEBINAR            $195.00                                       


1200     03/30/18       Individual & Systems Advocacy                  1200-WEBINAR            $195.00                                            

tentative cancellation makeup dates are 4/06/19 and 4/13/19



* Participants are required to print out materials for programs.
* Board Certification Application Fee and Make Up Exam Fees are not included in any on-demand webinar, live webinar or seminar fee.
* Attendance for 65% of each course is required to take the associated board certification exams or receive credit for exam.
* Adminstrator or Faculty determinations are final.
* CEU fees (if offered or applicable) are paid by the participant. (CLE, Act 48, College Credits)
* Questions forward to :
* No refunds are given without written notice, 2 weeks prior to the course, and a $40.00 cancellation fee per course will apply.
* Upon successful completion of 6 of the 12 course exams and the meeting of other CE requirements, you may begin your application process to become a Board Certified Education Advocate.
* On Demand Webinar registration is only online, seats are limited
      * NSEAI is not responsible for any costs associated with a cancellation of or delay in an on-demand webinar release.
      *Make up release days are provided.
* Live Seminars or Live Webinars (when offered) may be recorded. 
       *Registration is an Authorization to Record Seminars or take photographs
       *Registration serves as authorization for unlimited use of audio or images for NSEAI
         or affiliated sponsoring groups for marketing at no fee.
      * Registration on the day of the course is on a first come basis - Register & Pay Early    
      * Professional behavior is expected at all live webinars or seminars. Any disruptions or put downs of other participants will result in removal.
      * Act 48 and CLE Credits are only available for in person attendance to seminars. They must be requested in advance. They are not offered at all programs
      * NSEAI is not responsible for any costs associated with a cancellation of a Seminar or live webinar. Make up days are provided.



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