If a child can’t learn
     the way we teach,
     than we should teach them
     the way they learn!

National Ability Training and Resource Center
Open to the public free of charge.

3625 Chapel Road Newtown Square, Pa. 19073
Open to the Public Wednesdays, 10:00 AM to 2:30 by appointment 
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From its inception, the NSEAI has sought to provide access to expertise, training, and resources for parents, special education advocates, schools, behavioral specialists, related service clinicians, and special education lawyers.  The National Special Education Advocacy Institute was pleased to announce the opening of its new extensive resource library at 3625 Chapel Road Newtown Square, Pa. 19073, which opened December 2013. Our new facility is a major step towards achieving that goal and is free to the publlc.

The resource library contains over 1000 professional volumes, valued at more than $30,000, covering a wide range of educationally based services and topics.  Many of the books are from specialty publishers who normally sell only to restricted-access professional libraries, and therefore not easily available to the public.  The core collection of over 900 volumes is on generous extended loan from the personal library of NSEAI Clinical Director Marie Lewis.  The remainder have been specially purchased by the NSEAI which will continue to expand the collection.  Parents, advocates and clinical professionals and lawyers from the special education field may consult these resources on site by appointment or during trainings.

The NSEAI Special Education Resource Library is intended to provide guidance and professional development resources on behalf of students with disabilities.  The NSEAI Resource Center provides an extensive and current collection of research, reference, instructional materials, and resources related to special education, special education law, related services, behavioral and social skill interventions.

The Resource Library is open to the public

The Resource Library was established to assist special education students, advocates, educators, clinical professionals, college/university students, parents of special education students, attorneys and community members in achieving positive educational and life outcomes for all learners by providing access to current and accurate, information about special education, advocacy, law, research based programming and how children with different disabilities learn.
• Individuals may consult these resources on site by appointment, during trainings, or during
   scheduled office hours.  
• NSEAI additionally provides consultation and training by Board Certified Education Advocates to support the education of those with unique educational needs and inclusion in their communities.

A Library like this has never before been offered before.
• Resource library covers a wide range of educationally based services and topics

We exceed the quality of books and resources as compared to area university libraries in the EAST COAST area!
• Over 1000 current professional volumes and resources
• Many of the books are from specialty publishers who normally sell only to restricted-access professional libraries and therefore not easily available to the general public.
• There is an extensive collection of publications used by school district administrators and lawyers, and not easily available to parents
• Over 900 current volumes and resources are on loan from NSEAI’s Clinical Director. Other resources have been specially purchased by NSEAI, which will continue to expand the collection through future generous donations.  

IEP Analysis is available, by appointment

Highly qualified Board Certified Education Advocates, are available who:
 • Examine IEPs
• Identify areas of need
• Interpret interventions and determine if they are research based
• Investigate resources, solutions, options available
• Prepare a summary of concerns
• Develop a plan of action
• Board Certified Educational Advocates are available by appointment to facilitate access to a
  FAPE (free and appropriate education) vs. just legally sufficiency IEPs.  

Training Rooms are used for:
• Individualized trainings
• Parent Trainings,  National Board Certified Education Advocate Trainings
• Practicum Supervision
• BCEA Continuing Education by experts in the field 
Training Rooms provide access to:
• Up to date technology with library and journal databases
• Current, accurate and research based information
• Extensive Reference/Resource materials that continue to be expanded by BCEAs
   from all over the nation
• Displays of Board Certified Education Advocate Resources
• Displays of Related Service Provider Resources
• Displays of Special Education Attorney Resources
• Access to local, regional and national Resources
• BCEAs and Attorneys have access to individual training rooms or rooms to meet clients in
• Access to an extensive NSEAI Library
• A Board Certified Education Advocate to help navigate through the resources and help select what is individualized to the child’s needs and find key resources.   


These resources include information on:
Activities of Daily Living
Adaptive Physical Education
Alternative Augmentative Communication
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Alternative Schools
Anxiety Disorders and the Classroom
Applied Behavioral Analysis 
Assistive Technology
Athletics and Disabilities

Auditory Processing
Autism and the LRE
Autism Case Management
Autism Methodology
Autism Research
Autism Specific Programming
Bipolar Disorder
Cerebral Palsy
Charter Schools
Common Core Curriculum
Compensatory Education
Compliance Issues
Conduct Disorder
Disability-Based Bullying
Disciplining Students with Disabilities
Down Syndrome
Early Intervention
Educationally Based Assessments
Educationally Based Evaluation
Electronic Education Records
English Language Learners With Disabilities
Evaluations and Testing
Evidence-Based Education
Executive Functioning and Accommodations

Expressive Language
Extended School Year
Extracurricular Activities and Disabilities
Facilitated Communication
FBAs and BIPs
Fine Motor Skills
Fragile X
Functional Independent Skills
Functional Vision Evaluations
Graduation Requirements
Gross Motor Skills
Hearing and Visual Impairment Accommodations
Highly Qualified Teacher
Home Based Instructions
Home Programming
Homebound Programming
IDEA and Parental Rights
Identifying Student Needs
IEP Preparation
Independent Educational Evaluations
Intellectual Disability
Juvenile Delinquency
Least Restrictive Environments
Manifestation Determination
Mental Health Disorders and Accommodations
Multiple Disabilities
Neuropsychological Evaluations
No Child Left Behind
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Occupational Therapy Evaluations
Occupational Therapy Interventions
One On One Aides
Oppositional Defiant Disorder
Orientation And Mobility
Other Health Impairment
Patterns of Disciplinary Removal

Physical Disabilities
Physical Therapy
Positive Behavioral Interventions
Positive Behavioral Support Plans
Postsecondary Transition Services
Pragmatic Language
Private School Placement
Reading Disorders
Receptive Language
Related Services
Research Based Interventions
Residential Placements
Response to Intervention - RTI
Restraint and Seclusion
School Counseling
School Psychology
School Psychology and RTI
School Safety
Section 504/ 504 Plans
Sensory Regulation and Integration
Service Animals in the Schools
Short-Term Suspensions
Social Cognition
Social Communication
Social Skills
Specially Designed Instruction
Specific Learning Disorders (math reading & writing)
Speech and Language Evaluations
Speech and Language Pathology
Student Record Confidentiality
Students with Medical Needs
Supplemental Aids and Services
Systems Advocacy
Tourette Syndrome
Transition Planning
Traumatic Brain Injury
Vocational Education
Vocational Rehabilitation

NSEAI – National Special Education Advocacy Institute - is the educational division of
nCARE – National Center for Autism Resources and Education .

NSEAI/nCARE have  individual state chapters
NSEAI and nCARE are not affiliated with any other organization.



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