In an effort to promote professional educational advocacy, NSEAI’s Scholarship Program will provide support for professional development activities for parents, of children with special needs, and education advocates.

Scholarships are disbursed from the NSEAI Annual Scholarship Fund in response to applications in accordance with the NSEAI’s mission.

To be eligible for consideration, scholarship applications must be submitted requesting funding to support career development activities related to education advocacy.

Qualifying scholarship requests must include documented financial need and willingness to complete all 12 courses and apply for board certification



Scholarships are disbursed on a rolling basis, thus students can apply at any time.

Scholarships are rewarded based on when applications are received and the availability of funds.

These disbursements will provide partial funding for the scholarship application. (up to 70% based on need)

Applications are evaluated and determinations are made by the Scholarship Committee.

NSEAI may request more information or request verification of information.

An individual is eligible to receive a scholarship once every three years.

Scholarships are focused on providing this unique educational opportunity to those individuals who want to become professional education advocates. This requires that they take all 12 courses and have the intent to apply for board certification.


The following is not included in scholarships:

Board Certification application fees

BCEA Handbook fee

Makeup exam fees

Makeup course fees

Private tutoring

BCEA practicum supervision

Cost of printing materials

         Phone or internet expenses


Submit scholarship applications to

Sponsoring organizations, with scholarships, may apply those scholarships to the attendance for that year's programming only.

Non compliance with webinar policy by a student may result in loss of the scholarship. If the students is the recipient of an organization's scholarship the organization may not substitute another person for the dismissed student.

Scholarship recipients may miss two of the courses while on scholarship, and do independent study. Makups exams are at the NSEAI staff convenience. The balance of a scholarship may be withdrawn if the recipient does not attend 65% of each webinar (excluding breaks). 65% attendance per webinar is required to sit for the exam.

Scholarships are non transferable. 

Scholarship recipients are to actively participate in a professional manner in the courses and follow faculty instructions

A scholarship application does not reserve your space. 12 course series registration is required and agreed upon fees must be made in a timely manner. Scholarship amounts awarded are confidential and processed based on date received.

Scholarships are at the sole discretion of NSEAI and may be withdrawn at any time and is maintained at the discretion of the scholarship committee and faculty input.

NSEAI expects scholarship recipients to give back to the community. This is a profession expectation but is not monitored.

Scholarship recipients agree to give back to the community, by assisting someone with their education advocacy needs, or by volunteering with NSEAI, after the completion of the courses..

NSEAI may cancel the scholarship during the period of the award under the following circumstances:

  • Student becomes ineligible for board certification

  • Student commits fraud

  • Misconduct

  • Student quits for personal reasons

  • NSEAI Scholarship funds are no longer available




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