The National Special Education Advocacy Institute has been preparing parents, professional
advocates, teachers, administrators, lawyers, community agency staff and related service
providers, from across the country, since 2008, with the first and only national board certification
program in education advocacy.  Each class learns, cooperatively, to appreciate each other’s
role in providing a free and appropriate education to children with disabilities.   We are the only
organization to provide professional training of this caliber, nationally.

The National Special Education Advocacy Institute (NSEAI.org) is launching another year's training
program in just a few months. This nationally recognized program is now being offered for the
benefit of leaders in our community and they need your support.

This 12-course  package of training is your opportunity to get your brand or business in front of a wide variety of people, yet niche marketing at the same time.  We have had 50-100 people at each training session, plus an e-mail list of several thousand and our website is visited by thousands each month.

Please contact us at info@nseai.org for more information or to talk about your product.


NSEAI and the Co-sponsor agreed, on email co- sponsorship of the 12 NSEAI courses for a discount to it's members,

  1. Sponsorship Fee: 

In return for the promotional services provided by the Co-sponsor, NSEAI will provide the Co-sponsor’s members with a 20% discount to its members for the 12 identified courses. ($195.00 will be discounted to $156.00)

2. A time frame of Website Promotion by the Co-sponsor -is provided by NSEAI by providing the following:

Whole seminar brochure

Individual Seminar Announcements


 Course marketing material

2 months prior

1 month prior

2 weeks prior

1 week prior


3. In exchange for Promotional Services, NSEAI will feature the Co-sponsor on the NSEAI website and communications. 

The Co-sponsor will feature NSEAI course information provided in the form of email notifications to all of it’s members, with a web link to NSEAI.org. All Co-sponsor emailings of announcements will be copied to info@nseai.org. NSEAI will provide the Co-sponsor with a general brochure and 12 course descriptions in word or PDF format for distribution.

The Co-sponsor will do membership verification upon request by NSEAI.  If a person’s membership to the Co-sponsor is unable to be verified, they will not receive the course discount.  If the Co-sponsor does not send out e-mail notification of NSEAI courses as agreed to, their membership will not receive a discount.

4. No Endorsement:

NSEAI does not endorse any of the services of the Co-sponsor.  The Co-sponsor acknowledges and agrees that any representation to the contrary made by the Co-sponsor to any third party shall constitute a breach of the E-mail Co-sponsorship Agreement.


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