"The NSEAI – BCEA training is the national standard for identifying qualified special education advocates.   It focuses on the core issues of educational advocacy and the need for cross training across educationally related specialties.  Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity.   I never stopped learning during the whole program! "

"Finally! a professional organization that addresses Special Education Advocacy with a focus on educational and clinical expertise vs. just a narrow legal approach to advocacy."

"This organization respects the unique contribution that Special Education Advocates bring to the table – no matter what their original training.  My class included teachers, school administrators, Parents, Students, Psychologist, OTs, S/L Therapists, RN’s and Lawyers.  It is rare, as a professional educator and school psychologist that I recommend a program so highly.  It was a wonderful experience!"

"It is refreshing not to be considered a hand maiden to a lawyer without the rights and privileges of a paralegal.  I am not here to write briefs or do legal research, quote the law and make legal decisions.  My goal and NSEAI’s goal is to address a student’s broad educationally based needs and consult on the development of an effective IEP or 504 plan.  After taking this training I now feel so much more prepared to do just that and assured that my client’s children will receive a Free and APPROPRIATE Public Education."

"I have taken so many seminars.  Never have I taken a course of study so well formulated and broadly based so as to cross train a seasoned Special Education Advocate like myself to do my job and do it with a renewed level of excellence."

"I feel great finally being acknowledged as a BCEA.  I have spent years getting training in multiple areas surrounding education and supporting those with disabilities to get a FAPE."

"The historic lack of any standards, in this industry, has allowed poorly-qualified advocates to promote themselves.  NSEAI has set a new national standard now so that everyone has the same quality information allowing us to effectively advocate.  Being a BCEA is my top ranked professional credential"



  • “I learned things I could not have Googled!”
  • “The most comprehensive collection of advocacy information I have ever found, and I’ve taken ALL the other national trainings.”
  • "I did not know what I did not know and I have been a professional advocate for years!”
  • " I still laugh when I think of the stories you all told us."
  • "You gave us an effective and new way to use our knowledge and experience – thank you over and over again. "
  • "Child focused - I changed my own son's IEP before the second class - what a difference!"
  • "Great information given in a way that you can apply – you didn’t just give us information you showed us how to use it!"
  • "Conferences are exciting and we laugh ALOT."
  • "Extremely informative"
  • "Up to date and high energy"
  • "I got all the resources I needed to succeed."
  • "The best!"
  • "A detail-oriented, pragmatic application was offered - not just theory."
  • "Comprehensive and inspirational."
  • "First-rate speakers - Impressed by expertise."
  • "I refer to my materials weekly – what a large and important set of resources.  I never could have found all this information by myself. "
  • "I absolutely loved it!"
  • "Money was well spent!"
  • "You touched our lives and renewed our dreams of a better future."
  • "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"
  • "A very positive influence on my career"
  • "Thank you for the gift of your courses"
  • "Wow!"
  • "Dynamic teachers"
  • "Thank you for all the years of hard work and dedication you have put into developing this program."





Ah, back to school time is here. If you are a parent with a child with autism, chances are back to school time is not all happy and full of celebration. We experience a different type of anticipation. Mother Nature has robbed us of typical milestone celebrations like moving on to the next year (which brings with it a huge transition time) or a new school building (new opportunities for bullying) or perhaps staying in the same building (reminding us that our child has not made significant progress).  Maybe you’re sad that your child didn’t get to enjoy a full summer because they require ESY. In addition to these concerns, a new school year often brings about a whole new IEP team and whole new set of stress.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Several years ago, I participated in one of my son’s IEP meetings and I left with a bad feeling in my gut. Right around that time, I got a flyer with information to become an NSEAI Special Education Advocate. Making the decision to take that training has been life changing for our family.

 The NSEAI training consists of 12 courses—you can take them all or can just take a few if specific topics interest you. My son was only three then, so we decided to invest in the entire series. The IEP process is not that scary once you understand it in detail. I’ve learned to state my concerns in language that my team responds to. I’ve learned how to get my concerns properly documented and how to pinpoint exactly what my child needs are and how to appropriately ask for his needs to be addressed.

NSEAI was the first around and in my opinion, the best. They were the first organization nationally, to take seriously the profession of education advocacy and offer a board certification program in Education Advocacy.  They were the first to develop and publish an Education Advocacy Practice Act that addresses the ethics in Education Advocacy private practice.  They were the first to provide training that is open to parents, community agencies, clinicians, educational advocates, lawyers and school personnel-each group learning, cooperatively, to appreciate each other’s role in providing FAPE."


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