By registering for a course, providing your name and email, or joining an NSEAI sponsored Webinar you have agreed to the terms and policies set forth under the NSEAI Webinar Policy,

Webinar students must download their materials. No refunds will be given if a cancellation occurs after any materials have been downloaded prior to the cancellation request or after the URL notification occurs that links to the materials for download.

No refunds be will be given without written notice. $40.00 cancellation fee occurs for written cancellations received within 14 days of purchase. No refund occurs for cancellations after 14 days of course purchases. and/or after URL notification is distributed for material downloads.

Refunds will not be given for any reason other than those based on above criteria, but funds may be transferred to another webinar of equal or lesser value for those who provide appropriate notice of cancellation.

Failure to provide the required notice will result in forfeiture of registration fees without credit or refund. Once access to materials  downloads has occurred or have been downloaded there is no student cancellation.

Registration is official and your place in a webinar is reserved once payment is received for the limited spaces available.  Good-cause absences are only at NSEAI’s discretion.  Refunds will be processed after the conclusion of the program access  of 30 days and will then require 4-6 weeks. There are no refunds once course materials have been downloaded. If multiple course material downloads occur without attendance further registration will not be allowed.     

CLEs and Act 48 Credits are NOT available via Webinar. They are only available at live programs.

A 65% attendance rate is required to qualify for exam credit. Time in attendance is monitored by directly by webinar software and will be accepted as the only documentation of attendance.

A minimum seminar attendance of 65% is required whether in class or via webinar to qualify to take the examination. Exam and attendance certificates will not be given if minimum attendance is not achieved.

 The policy is designed to:
·      Allow webinars to provide a convenient and meaningful learning experience
·      Promote a participant’s full attention and participation in all of the interactive exercises as
       well as the evaluation at the end of the presentation. 
·      Enhance a participant’s learning experience.

·     There are materials presented in the webinar that are not in your handout materials that may be on the exam.

Please check often for updated information.

NSEAI CE credit confirmation will not be sent automatically to individuals who register for webinar presentations. To protect the integrity and credibility of our board certification program, CE credit will be issued based on confirmed attendance at these courses. For any webinar sponsored by NSEAI, to qualify for NSEAI continuing education credit toward board certification, an attendance monitoring policy must be administered and enforced. 

Attendance will be recorded by the webinar administrator software. Evaluation and survey responses are required.

NSEAI restricts unauthorized distribution or sharing of our webinar recordings. This will be considered unethical and immediate removal or BCEA designation will occur or non eligibility to apply for a BCEA designation will occur, whichever is applicable.

For questions about webinar events or policies, contact info@nseai.org

To receive credit, internet information must be specific to the registered attendee. Therefore, multiple users cannot attend the webinar using only one computer.  

If a person is logged in using a link that a registered user has shared, the registered attendee will not be able to join the webinar and, therefore, will not receive CE credit, and neither will the non registered attendee.  The web conferencing system only allows one registrant per invitation, and it tracks and records a registered attendee via internet protocol, or IP address.  

A non-registered attendee may not attend a webinar “on behalf" of another party.  Doing so means that the individual and the other party are engaging in unethical behavior that is in violation of NSEAI’s policies and will be sanctioned by non certification and refusal to allow registration at any further courses.  The web conferencing system tracks and records individual internet protocol, or IP address, and to receive credit it must be associated with the registered attendee. 
Webinar Classroom requirements are the same as regular classroom policies. Students are expected to be participating students. They must pay attention and participate in any interactive activities; not misrepresent themselves as someone else; and, not expect to receive credit if they did not register. Attendance to the webinar is not a guarantee that you will pass the exam or meet BCEA requirements.

NSEAI reserves the right to retain all fees for all “No Shows,” which is defined as a person who registers for a program but who does not cancel registration and does not attend the program within 30 days.   

Should NSEAI determine that a participant must be removed from the webinar for violations including attendance policy, inappropriate, unprofessional or illegal conduct, no refunds will be given.  This includes unprofessional comments.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience that might occur if a webinar is cancelled or delayed due to technical issues.  NSEAI administrator will extend the 30 day completion policy if such an inconvenience occurs.

Attendees of webinars should recognize that interaction with instructor(s) and/or moderator(s) is through emailing questions, comments and responses.. This interaction is designed to allow students to ask appropriate and on topic questions and share relevant information.  This includes any email or chat correspondence to other students also.

Policy related to text messaging before, during or after a webinar, posting or emailing a question, comment or response is as follows:
1.     Webinar instructor(s) and/or moderator(s) may evaluate every communication.
2.     The instructor and/or moderator have the choice to share such interaction and responses with all of the students or to answer privately.  Your name or initials may be used.
3.     The instructors commonly repeat or paraphrase a student’s questions or comments for the group to allow interaction responses. 
4.     Do not assume anonymity in a webinar.
5.     All contributions must be professional.  Students posting even one inappropriate, offensive, rude, negative, or unrelated to the curriculum comment or question, as solely determined by the  NSEAI webinar administrator, risk immediate dismissal without refund.
.     Students may be given a maximum of one notice, at the discretion of the administrator. If it is offensive, inappropriate or perceived as unprofessional in any manner, it  will result in immediate dismissal without notice or refund.  All decisions are at the sole discretion of the administrator or faculty.

If the student does not pass a exam, they may still proceed to the next session. A student may have a total of three opportunities to pass the exam prior to being required to attend the training again at the audit fee rate. The instructor/ administrator may contact the student and engage them in some sort of remedial activity.  Students must pass all 12 exams and pass each course based on course requirements, to obtain Board Certification CE credit, which is required prior to completion of a Board Certification Application. Application may be initiated after Course 600, Webinar attendance alone, without taking the exam, does not give the attendee the NSEAI continuing education units required for Certification. Please note that only the purchasing individual has access to the webinar and can take the exam to earn CEUs for the webinar. Purchases at the individual rate are for personal use only and no materials may be shared or stored in libraries. All material presented is copyrighted.  

Computer equipment or technical skills to see, hear or participate in webinars are outlined on the hosting webinar site.  Most personal computers running Microsoft Windows or an Apple operating system will work just fine (see the webinar host site related to systems question and  for more details).  Please test your system and assure that it is working properly. 

By providing your name, email or joining an NSEAI sponsored webinar you agree to the terms and policies set forth under the NSEAI Policy noted on the NSEAI website.  You also certify that you are the person enrolled as identified in the Registration Data and that you will personally complete all assigned hours of instruction and all interactive activities.  You understand and agree that if you misrepresent your identity or arrange for someone else to represent you at any time during a NSEAI Webinar, you will be immediately removed from the webinar and you will not be entitled to any refund.  NSEAI reserves the right to make contacts as necessary to verify the integrity of the participation of the person enrolled in this webinar.  This contact may be made by phone or computer.

You also agree that:

1.     For registration purposes your contact information will be provided to third-party vendors, sponsors, and webinar administration software providers.
2.     Your participation and communication may be monitored or recorded at anytime during a
3.     NSEAI Administrator or instructor(s) will be allowed to contact you to discuss the subject
        matter presented in a webinar for varied purposes, including attendance monitoring,and professionalism of responses.


Students must test compatibility with Kajabi prior to webinar. 
Lack of system requirements at time of Webinar will NOT result in a refund.


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